How do we gracefully weather this temporary ‘normal’?

By Blimy Konig

Hashem created the world with so much hope and possibility in it. How can we tap into that space?

While we are in galus and there is no perfection, our purpose is to pursue tikkun olam. Let’s search for the good and the miraculous, especially in times of confusion and change.

We know Hashem gives us free will, and we are free to choose where our attention will rest. Our world is filled with Blessing and Curse, and Hashem encourages us to choose Blessing, to choose Life.

But it’s hard to ignore that in Life there is also always Risk. Every day is filled with Risk: swimming, driving, walking, eating—all of these are blessings with inherent risks. Most of the time we don’t notice the risks because they are simply our usual habits. We have not been encouraged to live in fear of those risks. We do our best hishtadlus and daven that Hashem will keep us all safe from harm.

During this particular time, how do we honor the obligation to take very good care of ourselves without causing culturally-approved collateral damage to our souls, hearts and minds?

A friend recently shared a meme that read: God is your source, everything else is just a resource. Emuna is powerful, as is joy and prayer. These are super-nourishers on all the levels! Hold tightly to them and remember Hashem is running this show.

Below are some thoughts and strategies, old and new; some interesting avenues to research and explore; and a few natural supplements that you may wish to stock in your medicine chest/health arsenal.

The good news is that there are plenty of strategies for keeping safe. These are not symptom suppressants and do not have unwelcome side effects. As always, it is wise to consult with your health-care practitioner to ensure a particular avenue is appropriate for you.


Get sunshine, sleep and incorporate movement into your daily routine.

In the past, it was normal, and even virtuous, to pop an Advil (or other pain reliever) rather than let our bodies slow us down. Now we are learning to respect and honor what our bodies communicate to us. Taking that step back when we are unwell gives us a chance to heal and puts some physical space between ourselves and others.

Drink plenty of fluids, such as soup, chicken broth, tea and water.

Use Epsom salt baths to detox and soothe.

Since it is neither possible nor a good idea to sanitize the world, our microcosms are our own responsibility. This has always been true. Spare yourself the unhealthy stress of worrying what others are doing. Focus on your personal efforts and thank Hashem in advance for continuing to keep you safe.


Vitamin C: Daily vitamin C is a powerful immune-booster. Drink hot water with lemon and eat citrus fruit daily, or seek out a whole food-based supplement. Synthetic vitamins are not ideal. At the first sign of illness, mega-dosing Vitamin C, in sodium ascorbate or lypospheric form, is excellent, especially for respiratory related illness. Research Dr. Suzanne Humphries and her research data online. Vitamin C IV treatments are being found to be very helpful in moderate to severe cases of COVID-19.

Quercetin: This supplement is a natural anti-inflammatory and has benefits similar to hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug found effective in treating COVID-19. Quercetin may be taken preventatively and if symptoms are felt.

Zinc: It helps fend off infection and viruses. Whole food sources are best, such as zinc-rich meat, oatmeal, nuts and seeds, or try a whole food-based supplement.

Glutathione: This is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body. Since Tylenol has been shown to deplete the body’s natural stores of glutathione, avoid Tylenol.


Ginger, lemon and honey tea


Chicken soup

Avoid sugar, which compromises immune function

Research the use of onion poultice on the chest to purify the lungs as needed


Homeopathy: With guidance it is side-effect free and effective. It is helpful as an alternative to pain medication and for bringing the body back to health. Speak to a homeopath about how to best prepare yourself and for recommended remedies.

Postural support: Physical therapists recommend patting the back and chest several times a day for several minutes each time to help clear congestion from lungs and keep fluids properly draining. You can find videos online demonstrating the recommended up-and-down and side-to-side movements.

There is a whole world outside of the Western medical paradigm that you should avail yourself of. My hope is that when you invite the whole spectrum of healing into your life, you will find a richer and more peaceful outlook. Just as importantly, you will learn a new appreciation for the miracles Hashem created in our bodies and our world. Whatever resonates with you, may all roads lead you to your best health!,

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