Sholem’s Legacy

By Devorah Benchimol The Talmud says: man fears his fellow man more than he fears God.   This article was written by Sholem’s mom, Devorah and translated by Anna Frieman. A simple Sunday night, during the crazy COVID quarantine. A family readying itself for just another week to come. Me, preparing, doing my things, hearing my … Continue reading Sholem’s Legacy

Gail Halpert: Finding Light in the Darkness

By Mindy Rubenstein Gail Halpert takes daily walks around her tree-lined Mandarin neighborhood, sometimes a mile or longer. She dresses beautifully, puts on her necklace and earrings, and carefully does her hair.  She loves to cook, especially things like hearty soup and other favorites from her childhood in Romania, where her family grew fruits and … Continue reading Gail Halpert: Finding Light in the Darkness

Marlene Burns: Art

The Hebrew word, chesed, is often defined as lovingkindness. According to Kabbalah, it is one of ten sefirot: emanations or qualities of G-d. In this visual expression, the word chesed is approached from a mystical perspective. “Peace and Love” and “Be Kind” are not new concepts. They have ancient roots. The Jewish prayer for peace … Continue reading Marlene Burns: Art

Envisioning a Healthier Kosher Standard

By Manya Ronay Judaism commands us to live at a very high level of consciousness. We are called on to watch what we say, what we do and even what we eat. Yes, not only must we guard what comes out of our mouths, we must guard what goes into our mouths as well! The … Continue reading Envisioning a Healthier Kosher Standard

Releasing Community Control and Widening the Path of Torah for Our Children

‘Fear no one, but G-d alone.’  By Miriam Racquel Feldman I recently came across a letter from my son that was written to the Lubavitcher Rebbe (some people send these to the Ohel and some put into the Igros Kodesh—my family’s way is to use the Igros Kodesh) with a list of complaints about a … Continue reading Releasing Community Control and Widening the Path of Torah for Our Children

Igniting the spark within our children and students

At each stage of a child’s life, even if that child’s potential seems lacking, it’s never lost. It might take time, but ultimately, each of us, at each stage in that child’s development, has the opportunity to detect the holy spark within—and to help unfold the miracle of that human being’s purpose on earth.