Reach thousands of Jewish women and families — online and in South Florida.

Nishei Ora is the only magazine of its kind, featuring art and writing from Jewish women in Israel, Florida and around the world. It is printed on high-quality paper (80# gloss), and filled with meaningful and educational articles, kosher recipes, as well as Judaic-themed artwork.

Our mission is to promote and encourage Jewish artists, to help women heal through art and writing, and to build a sense of community.

Our sages tell us that “in the merit of the righteous women our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt.” It was the women who never despaired of G‑d’s redemption. It will be in the merit of the righteous women of our generation, and their unwavering faith, that we will be redeemed once again.

Our Jewish Women’s Business Directory is available in the printed edition as well as online.

Size options range from a simple listing to a full-page. You can also choose to be featured, with a custom article created about your business or organization.