The Anti-Health Column

By Manya Ronay Most health columns tell the reader what to do, what to eat, yada yada, yada. I’m not interested in that right now. YOU are the expert on yourself, and this column is all about affirming your autonomy. I will explore the vital importance of listening to your internal wisdom in health, Judaism … Continue reading The Anti-Health Column

What I learned from my recent miscarriage

By Mindy Rubenstein I’ve gone through multiple miscarriages in my lifetime. The first one was around age 26, a couple months before I got pregnant with my oldest child who is now 16. If you do the math you know I’m in my 40s.  The most recent pregnancy loss was last month. I was 11 … Continue reading What I learned from my recent miscarriage

Letting Go of Guilt and Learning to Love

I’m sitting at my desk, distracted by the photo slideshow screensaver scrolling across my computer.  My daughter is wearing a pink dress as she makes homemade slushies, a perfect little smile across her sweet face. Then a younger version of my boys comes up -- one still a toddler -- their big, brown eys peering … Continue reading Letting Go of Guilt and Learning to Love

How do we gracefully weather this temporary ‘normal’?

Since it is neither possible nor a good idea to sanitize the world, our microcosms are our own responsibility. This has always been true. Spare yourself the unhealthy stress of worrying what others are doing. Focus on your personal efforts and thank Hashem in advance for continuing to keep you safe.