Nishei Ora offers hands-on editorial and publishing internships to students in high school and college.


By Ana Friedman, Nishei Ora intern

As a Nishei Ora intern, I – through participation in every step of the process – gained invaluable insights into the publication process and a substantially deeper appreciation of the finished product. The warm and intimate nature of both the magazine and its staff allowed for me to learn by making meaningful contributions from the first minute I spoke to the Editor in Chief.

Translating articles from Spanish to English heightened my sensitivity to linguistic barriers, nuanced connotations, and the way the development of language and culture interact, all of which helped spur my growth as an editor, writer, and student. Moreso, I was entrusted with the responsibility to review articles and layouts as well as to contribute to the magazine with my own pieces as well.

The support and guidance I received from Mrs. Mindy Rubenstein, as well as the rest of the Nishei Ora staff, was incredible, for it gave me access to innovative, inspiring, and impactful women who have had tremendous professional success in their fields. By giving me real responsibilities, they enabled me to learn through experience and to hone my skills rapidly, all the while guiding me on the path to success.

Working at Nishei Ora also taught me about the process of publishing a magazine and some general principles in attaining literary success. I was able to watch a few issues from start to finish, engaging in conversations about everything from what the overarching theme should be to how to best distribute the magazines. Participating in article selection, translating, and the many rounds of editing made me understand the painstaking labor that lies behind every printed word or image.

Still, Nishei Ora is not an ordinary magazine; it is something far greater than a good read or pages bound together. Nishei Ora is a community. It is the embodiment of women empowering other women. It is the expression of talent, creativity, vulnerability, and the triumphs and travails of the shared human experience. Issues convey deep messages, using the unaltered stories of real women from local communities to highlight transcendent ideas. 

Nishei Ora gives a voice to the voiceless, and it encourages women to hone their skills and pursue their passions by providing a safe, genuine, welcome space where they, their talents, and their stories can receive the attention they deserve. As an intern, I had a first-row seat, not just to the magazine but the community it created, and in that I had comfort, inspiration, motivation, growth, and belonging.