My Journey into Spiritual Enlightenment & Healing 

By Tori Paige Koslow  There was a moment in my life where I became aware of the quality of my thoughts. Not necessarily the idea that I had the proper structural anatomy that allowed me to observe something and then have a reaction, but more so the recognition that the things that crossed my mind … Continue reading My Journey into Spiritual Enlightenment & Healing 

The Anti-Health Column

By Manya Ronay Most health columns tell the reader what to do, what to eat, yada yada, yada. I’m not interested in that right now. YOU are the expert on yourself, and this column is all about affirming your autonomy. I will explore the vital importance of listening to your internal wisdom in health, Judaism … Continue reading The Anti-Health Column

Gail Halpert: Finding Light in the Darkness

By Mindy Rubenstein Gail Halpert takes daily walks around her tree-lined Mandarin neighborhood, sometimes a mile or longer. She dresses beautifully, puts on her necklace and earrings, and carefully does her hair.  She loves to cook, especially things like hearty soup and other favorites from her childhood in Romania, where her family grew fruits and … Continue reading Gail Halpert: Finding Light in the Darkness

Envisioning a Healthier Kosher Standard

By Manya Ronay Judaism commands us to live at a very high level of consciousness. We are called on to watch what we say, what we do and even what we eat. Yes, not only must we guard what comes out of our mouths, we must guard what goes into our mouths as well! The … Continue reading Envisioning a Healthier Kosher Standard

How do we gracefully weather this temporary ‘normal’?

Since it is neither possible nor a good idea to sanitize the world, our microcosms are our own responsibility. This has always been true. Spare yourself the unhealthy stress of worrying what others are doing. Focus on your personal efforts and thank Hashem in advance for continuing to keep you safe.