Women of Light

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Mission: A group of supportive women sharing our successes, struggles, and the sparks of beauty we see/read/experience — so we can grow and spread light within our families, communities and the world, with G-d’s help.

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WhatsApp Image 2020-03-26 at 10.41.07 AMAlitza (Joy) Adler, born in Ohio, lives with her family in Jacksonville, FL. She works for a clinic serving patients with eating disorders. Her passions include healthy eating, gardening, essential oils, and plant-based whole nutrition with Arbonne. Her favorite dessert is dairy-free salted caramel ice cream and peach pie. She has two children and loves spending as much time as possible being active outdoors.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-29 at 12.32.34 PMLeah Finkelstein, born in Missouri, lives in Jacksonville, FL. She is an avid gardener and musician — the viola is her instrument of choice. She is passionate about gardening and taking care of her children. She’s not into sweets, but says roast beef? Now THAT’S a dessert!!! She is the mom of four. 

judithJudith Fox-Goldstein was born in New York, spent 30 years on the big island of Hawaii, and now lives in St. Johns, Florida. A professional writer and artist, she is passionate about sharing the stories of the strong women she creates through her paintings. Her work can be found in galleries and other locations throughout Northeast Florida. 

malkaMalka Gross, born in Chicago, lives in Jacksonville, FL. She works as a physical therapist in a hospital.  She is passionate about helping others, her family, and yiddishkeit. Her favorite dessert: anything chocolate. She is a mom of a grown daughter who works as the vice president of marketing for Harper Collins. 

Sarah Bayla Gross lives in Atlanta, GA and teaches at Torah Day School of Atlanta. She has previously lived in Eretz Yisrael and hopes to return soon IY”H. She is passionate about caring for her children and learning Torah. 

Shari Goranson, born in Chicago, lives in Jacksonville, FL. She works as a case manager in a rehab hospital with pediatrics and brain injury patients. She is passionate about her family, including her four children and multiple grandchildren. Her favorite dessert is coconut cream pie or anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

Blimy Konig, born in New York, lives in Jacksonville, FL. Work, hobbies,  passions, favorite dessert? She has four children. 

Bonnie Melamed, born in New York, lives in Jacksonville, FL. She works for a financial services firm. 

Shaindy Perl lives in Monsey, New York. A published author of nearly a dozen books, she is also a certified coach and workshop leader. She is passionate about personal growth and loves to visit places of natural beauty. Her favorite dessert is one that requires minimal prep. She is a mom of six K”H.

Rebbetzin Ita Rabinowitz, born in New York, lives in Jacksonville, FL. An accomplished musician and computer programmer, she serves as principal of Jacksonville Torah High School. She is the devoted mother to 11 children K”H.

Mindy Rubenstein, born in the Tampa Bay area, lives in Jacksonville, FL. A professional writer and amateur artist, she is passionate about helping other women express themselves creatively and spiritually. She serves as editor of Nishei magazine (nishei.org) and was homeschooling three of her four children before it was mandatory. She has recently taken up bike riding. Her favorite dessert is tiramisu. 

Rebbetzin Rena Schochet, born in Baltimore, lives in Jacksonville, FL. A professional speaker, writer, and coach, she is also leader of the local CORE group, which empowers women to connect and grow. She is passionate about learning Torah and teaching what she learns to others, helping and listening and connecting with others. She is very proud of her three sons and her grandchildren. Almost half of her grandchildren have finished high school plus, and she is now waiting for them to find their basherts.

Carin M. Smilk is a Jewish journalist living outside Philadelphia with her husband and four sons. Currently the managing editor of JNS.org, she worked five years as a full-time in the news department of Chabad.org.